More Wreck, More Wreck – Tyler Gobble

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“You are the earth the dog displaced. You are the neat little pile.
I’m sorry whatever came back to haunt me ended up a silly ghost.”
-from “How Many Years”

On the vast spectrum of contemporary poetry, Tyler Gobble’s More Wreck More Wreck lands somewhere between experimental and uniquely charming. While Gobble’s poems bring light to the wonderful (and not so wonderful) sides of growing up in the Midwest, political issues, and love and family—among other things—they are so much more than that. Gobble’s poems are honest and powerful, as they speak to the idea of what it is like to be human in this messed-up world. They are tender, funny, and full of life, and break convention, falling from the page into your eyes. They are energetic and loud. To put it simply, Gobble’s poems emanate who he is as a person, someone that gives all of the love in the world and is not afraid to be himself.

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